Renewal! From "Latest" to "Notes"!

June 26, 2019

I am so so so surprised at how lazy I was ( could be still I will ).


Uploading a site is always tough.

Too busy to do it? ............................. Could be. 

But "LAZY" would be a good word for my case. 


Personally, I have been thinking that painters should focus on their works, not care about promotion too much. But I know that this idea is too old-fashioned. That's why I had  created this site and made some accounts of SNS.


But these kind of things still don't feel me comfortable, actually. As a result, I have been too lazy to take care of this site and so on.  ( I am excusing! lol)

Then what?

I thought; I have been familiar with writing ( only in Japanese though), so maybe I could sometimes note my ideas or something connected to my production or process of it. 


Though there is one idea which bothers me a lot whether I should leave notes in public or not.

But,  no excuse, no overthink. 
Let's have a try. Even in English! 


Hope you enjoy reading! :)








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